Galactic Civilizations Wiki

Journal Entry [03/06/2006][]

  • Fixed GNN Goto bug on Planet Details window
  • Fixed bug where players that turned off "Show Intro" option would get a crash when starting the Campaign
  • Added option to turn off trade route lines
  • Planetary bombardment will cause a new planet texture to be created to reflect lowered quality
  • “Invasion Cheese” effect removed where planet populations after the invasion were incorrect.
  • Drop down icons (for ships and improvements completed) will no longer get “stuck” if another window pops up while the icon is falling down the screen.
  • added Difficulty index to save game code so that even if the game difficulty changes, the users will still see the one they started out with
  • Improved tooltip handling
  • Improved slider controls
  • There have been some changes to the graphics nodes in order to make them look decent when textures are turned off.
  • There are now a ton of new graphics card options. Note that these have not had the same kind of wide scale testing as the other options.
  • Graphics card throttling. This should eliminate all known "random" CTDs. Heat. Users who experienced this issue should be aware that this may be an ongoing issue with other new games they purchase that make use of the newer GPU features. ATI/nVidia are now running their cards very hot when all the goodies are used.
  • Starbase Production Modules now assist Planetary Research
  • MEMORY FIX: I’ve implemented a more efficient and thread-safe way of destroying scene nodes when they are no longer in use. This will speed up ALT-TABs and cut down on memory usage significantly.
  • Social Production Ability enabled.
  • Fixed a GNN Goto button popup bug in Planet Details screen
  • Should fix auto-save issue some have reported (multithread issue).
  • Right-clicking improvement-complete icons will now scroll to planet that built the improvement
  • New ship weapons and defenses for Good aligned players:
-Telepathic Defense
-Subspace Rebounder
-Dynamic Shielding
-Arnorian Battle Armor
  • Fixed the problem where the game was reporting “Not in an Empire” for some players who are in an empire. The code that checked for valid empire data was requiring the presence of a website URL; that information is now optional.
  • Fixed a bug in classGalaxy::CalcGameDifficulty(); it was including the first minor race in its calculations.
  • Trade Goods and Galactic Achievements now transfer their benefits when ownership of them changes. In the case of Trade Goods, ownership of the Trade Good is transferred and the old owner no longer has use of the Trade Good.
  • CalcAbilities() is now called whenever a civ acquires/loses a special improvement.
  • Fix for an exploit that allowed players to build improvements more cheaply/quickly than they should.
  • Lots of AI tweaks to improve social handlings, particularly for the Terran Alliance AI.
  • Better slider control behavior.