Galactic Civilizations Wiki

Journal Entry [05/08/2006][]

  • New AI option - allow AI to use more CPU. Not used yet but will be in future builds.
  • Civ homeworlds are set when loading a saved game.
  • AI (some of them) less reactionary to influence concerns (i.e. won't likely build as many embassies)
  • AI pickier about trading weapons techs
  • AI sensitive to player going for tech victory
  • AI designs ships more often (this will be further refined in the future)
  • Some text string changes
  • Double clicking on a a ship in the stacked ships list will now open the planet screen
  • Can no longer steal techs that belong to a different ethical alignment
  • Re-designed the save and load game systems to be much faster and use a lot less memory (only works on NEW games)
  • Strategic view updates better on loading a saved game
  • Players can now sort by social production on Civ manager
  • Confirmation dialog added on retire option
  • Fixed bug where movement points in a fleet get miscalculated after the battle
  • Tweaks to CalcMilitaryMight to be a better judge of what a strong military really is
  • Civ Abilities recalculated quicker so that various trades and such have a more immediate effect.
  • Research screen remembers what sort list you chose
  • Victory Status tells player how many civs they've conquered
  • Lots of small tweaks and performance enhancements.