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In the main game Alan Bradley is the default leader of the Terran Alliance.

In The Campaign: Alan Bradley (born by 2175) is the human leader of the Terran Alliance. In the campaign, he is a low-rank commander in the Terran fleet. After the first few campaign missions, his triumphs help him rise through the ranks, eventually running for president. In the election of 2225, he decides to represent the small but growing "Industrialist" polictical party. He wins this election.

After the events of 2225, Alan's popularity becomes questioned, due the events of the War of 2225 (campaign missions). However, due to the fact that the next election doesn't occur for another five years, Alan brings his approval rating back up, though he isn't sure what to do about the dominating Drengin Empire.

Alan appears to be in his early fifties. His graying temples are a sign of this. He supposedly has a close friendship with the Altarian leader Netro Mancer. He may be related to the real life world war 2 hero Omar Bradley. Nothing else is currently known.

Alan Bradley as he appears in Galactic civilizations II