Galactic Civilizations Wiki
Technology Name Arnorian Battle Armor (Technology)
Short Description Incredibly potent armor that is expensive but provides excellent protection against mass-drivers.
Technology Type Armor
Research Cost 500
Prerequisites Tri-Strontium, good alignment
Tech Leads to None
Tech Provides Hitpoints +5, Arnorian Battle Armor
Long Description The Arnor are long gone, but this once vast interstellar empire has left some traces of its existence. We managed to find a vault on a distant moon that contained a vast amount of a material that looked like it was organic, but was clearly a type of armor. We have managed coax it in our lab to grow into a complete ship-scale set of armor.

The armor is very expensive to create since the original stock of it was so small. We also won't be able to improve upon it since we have very little concept on how organic armor works and aren't likely to figure it out any time soon