Campaign mode is a mission based component of Galactic Civilizations II. By playing through the missions of the campaign the player uncovers the story of the Dread Lords. Each mission presents the player with specific mission objectives that can differ from normal victory objectives. The difficulty level can be adjusted for each mission, allowing the user to challenge themselves as much (or as little) as they wish. The campaign is non-linear. The player can lose one scenario and go on an alternative scenario instead.

Mission descriptions below. Contains spoilers.

Dread Lords Edit

Mission 1: An Unexpected VisitorEdit

Colonel Bradley of the Terran Alliance navy has reported that while visiting Precursor ruins on Epsilon 3, a mysterious figure approached him and told him of a planet where Precursor technology has been left behind. Moreover, he says that the Drengin Empire has become obsessed with finding Precursor technology in recent years and is likely already on the world and in possession of the artifacts. According to the report, one of the planets in this sector has a temple that contains a holocron that will give us the location of the world that has the powerful Precursor artifact. We must take control of all 3 planets in this sector to ensure we discover the location of this lost Precursor world. There is an Altarian outpost in this sector and they will aid us in our endeavor.

  • Map Size: Tiny
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Drengin Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 2
  • Next mission if failed: 1a

Mission 1a: Desperate AllyEdit

Because of our previous defeat, we must find new allies. The Drengin Empire have recently enlisted the cruel robotic race known as the Yor. It is said that the Yor were created by another civilization long ago during the time of the Precursors. Our research leads us to believe we've found that civilization - the Iconians. The ancestors of the Iconians apparently used to be servants of the Arnor (one of the two Precursor civilizations). The Iconians had built the Yor to assist their duties, but when the Arnor and the Dread Lords went to war, the Dread Lords secretly modified the Yor to give them self-awareness and a loathing of all biological life. The Iconians were nearly wiped out and the remnants fled to a far corner of the galaxy. Now that we're aware of the Iconians and have found their planet, we've given them Hyperdrive. The Iconians are favorably disposed towards us, but not ready to join in a grand alliance against the mighty Drengin Empire. We must convince them through trade, diplomacy, and our military strength that they should join our fight against their former creations and the vile Drengins.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Yor Collective, Iconian Refuge
  • Next mission if successful: 2
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 2: IxithEdit

The planet Ixith is said to have a powerful Precursor artifact. Our agents have learned that the artifact can only be used in a certain location. We suspect the Drengin have already recovered the device, but we need to take the planet Ixith in order to learn where they plan to go to use the device. By taking the planet and learning where the Drengin plan to use this device, we can intercept them and recover the Precursor device for ourselves.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 3
  • Next mission if failed: 2a

Mission 2a: The Xenon ProjectEdit

Beta Prime in the Alpha Centauri system has been working on a new defense technology called Shields. Thus far in all our battles, we've fought with a single type of weaponry and defense: Beam Weapons and Armor. These shields provide an energy field about the ship that deflect and absorb beam weapon energy. We believe this could really even the odds with the Drengin. The Arceans and Altarians have sent us some help. However, the Drengin are operating from a barren planet at the corner of the quadrant and have sent in an impressive strike force of frigates and transports to conquer Beta Prime. We must hold off the Drengin long enough to build some prototype ships that have shields.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Arcean Empire, Drengin Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 3
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 3: Darkness RisingEdit

The Drengin Empire has obtained a Precursor device whose purpose is unknown to us. What we do know is that the device can only be used in a certain location -- a temple on the planet Karion. The Altarians are here to help lend us a hand. Our mission is to take Karion, capture the device, and use it to help Earth's war effort. We have sent a group of new Phoenix class warships that are equipped with the recently developed Shield technology. This makes them the most lethal ships in the known galaxy against the Drengin weaponry. We must press our advantage and take Karion.

  • Map Size: Tiny
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Drengin Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 4
  • Next mission if failed: 4

Mission 4: SiegeEdit

We now know where the Dread Lords disappeared to. In their final battle with the Arnor, the Arnorians activated a device on the planet Karion and sent the entire Dread Lord fleet into a pocket universe. The Drengin have unwittingly brought these immensely powerful beings back and they're now wreaking havoc on the galaxy. We have contacted the Drengin Ambassador to discuss a truce so that we can pool our forces against this new enemy... but the Drengin response was chilling. The Drengin Ambassador put it like this: "Here is what is going to happen. You and your pitiful allies are going to fight these new beings. We will give ground to them. Most of the worlds we occupy are not inhabited by Drengin anyway so those people will perish. But you pathetic humans and the fool Arceans will try to save your worlds from annihilation. The fight with these Dread Lords will cost you a great deal. If you win the day, your forces will be weak and we will crush what's left. If you lose, then we will deal with the Dread Lords. In either event, you humans will have interfered with our plans for the last time. Earth will be ours." We need more allies. The Torians are militarily powerful enough to help us. And they have an intense hatred of the Drengin Empire. But, they are not particularly friendly with us. There is a Torian world that is under occupation by the Drengin. We cannot permanently conquer it because the Dread Lords are now in this sector. However, in hiding on the planet is the spiritual leader of the Torians (who was visiting when the Drengin attacked). If we can rescue him, the Torians are likely to join our side. We must take the planet Tiniath. It is located in the upper-left part of this quadrant. The challenge is to get that planet before the Dread Lords get too powerful in this quadrant. Avoid engaging the Dread Lords if possible.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Arcean Empire, Drengin Empire, Yor Collective, Dread Lords
  • Next mission if successful: 5
  • Next mission if failed: 4a

Mission 4a: Hearts and MindsEdit

We must bring the Torians into the war. The Torian Confederation was once dominated by the Drengin Empire. Long ago, the Drengin Empire conquered the Torians and enslaved them. In time, the Torians were able to free their world from Drengin rule, but they still harbor a deep distrust of their ancient foes. To this day, they have regular border clashes with the Drengin. But, in the current galactic conflict, they have remained neutral so far. While they despise the Drengin, they recognize that the Drengin are powerful and their relations with Earth have been inconsistent. To bring the Torians into the war on our side, we must convince them that we are the "good guys". That is the biggest obstacle we've had to face, as the Torians don't know what to make of humans yet. Your mission is to convince the Torians of our goodness. The best way to do that is through trade and culture. Build starbases with modules to expand our influence. Send freighters to the Torians. Either via an outright alliance or through cultural assimilation, we must help the Torians learn more about us and convince them to join us against the darkness that is attempting to cover the galaxy.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Torian Confederation, Drengin Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 5
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 5: Achilles HeelEdit

Nearly a year has passed since the Dread Lords were unleashed on the galaxy. The Drengin Empire has given way to them without fighting. For the most part, the Dread Lords have had little interest in the beings that live on their abandoned worlds. Their preference for outright extermination has resulted in the deaths of billions of innocents. From what we can tell, there are not that many Dread Lords. At least, there never are very many at a single time. But, strength in numbers is not their advantage. Their power comes from their immense technological advantage. The incredible Dread Lord technology is also their Achilles' Heel. The planetary infrastructure necessary to make Dread Lord ships and weapons is immense. The worlds that the Dread Lords have been conquering obviously do not have that infrastructure. Intelligence from the recently conquered planet Teth indicate that the Dread Lords appear to be making it into a serious base. The good news is Teth is relatively isolated and open to attack. Our mission is to conquer Teth and see if we can find new weapons technologies. In battles across the galaxy, the Dread Lord ships seem to employ various kinds of weapons such as mass drivers and missiles. They also have the appropriate defenses for them. We have seen previously how effective shields have been against the Drengin, who have started to employ them on their new ships. If we can capture Teth, we will be able to build ships with more types of weapons and better adapt to Dread Lord technologies. There's no way we can take on the Dread Lords by ourselves. Even with our military at its peak we couldn't. The Arceans, Altarians, and Torians have also sent forces to aid in the effort.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Arcean Empire, Torian Confederation, Dread Lords
  • Next mission if successful: 6
  • Next mission if failed: 5a

Mission 5a: Arms RaceEdit

The Yor have invented a missile-based weapon. Missiles were considered unsuitable for space combat because they are so slow. The Yor have managed to put micro-hyperdrives on each missile in order to make the missiles fly at incredible speeds. The only way we're going to get this technology will be to completely wipe out the Yor. We will have the help of the Iconians this time.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Iconian Refuge, Yor Collective
  • Next mission if successful: 5b
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 5b: The ThalanEdit

The Thalan are a mysterious new civilization we have almost no knowledge of. But, we need to make them our friends. There are a few ways of doing this. If we can gain friendly relations with them, then they may be willing to trade a new weapon technology called Mass Drivers. We can either try to culturally assimilate them through influence or gain a "close" diplomatic relationship with them. If we go to war with them, we lose. The Yor and Korx have a presence in this quadrant so be very careful.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Yor Collective, Dominion of Korx, Thalan Empire
  • Next mission if successful: 6
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 6: ApocalypseEdit

This is it. We have assembled our entire alliance here. The Arceans. The Altarians. The Iconians and even the Torians are here. This will be a huge battle that will settle the fate of the galaxy. We must defeat the Dread Lords once and for all. However, we're at the galactic core here. The Korx and Drath have worlds in this quadrant and the Drengin and Yor have a couple of outposts. That should not distract us from the primary goal: wiping out the Dread Lords. The Dread Lords don't seem that concerned with the Yor and Drengin. We can only conclude that they consider us the greater threat. Like in other missions, the Dread Lords don't have much in terms of numbers. Moreover, the Dread Lords apparently do not colonize worlds. The Dread Lord weakness continues to be their own technological advantage. The infrastructure necessary for them to create new weapons and ships is so vast that they have a hard time doing so with the primitive infrastructure on the planets they conquer. It's not surprising that they don't bother to even try to colonize given how long it would take them to build up from nothing. We believe the key to victory is to strike fast. The longer the Dread Lords occupy their worlds, the more time they'll have to build up the infrastructure. In the long-term, the Dread Lords are unstoppable.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Arcean Empire, Torian Confederation, Iconian Refuge, Drengin Empire, Yor Collective
  • Next mission if successful: 7
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 7: ExploitationEdit

With the main force of the Dread Lords seemingly defeated, the Drengin Empire and its cruel robotic ally, The Yor, have begun to strike. You have done very well in your missions. The war, however, is not going well overall. The Dread Lords took an immense toll on our military. While the Terran Alliance bore the brunt of it, the Arcean Empire was also hard pressed. The Drengin Empire has launched a massive attack on the Arcean home world. We must help our allies defend themselves from Drengin aggression.

  • Map Size: Huge
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Arcean Empire, Torian Confederation, Iconian Refuge, Drengin Empire, Yor Collective
  • Next mission if successful: 8
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 8: DeceptionEdit

Earth is under siege by the combined forces of the Drengin and Yor. However, the mysterious visitor has returned and told us that there is a second device connected with the final days of the Dread Lord / Arnor war that is loosely translated as the Salvation Device. This quadrant contains the planet Charon, which apparently has the device we are looking for. Precursor artifacts are just never convenient. This is one messed up quadrant. Our task force includes a colony ship and couple of cruisers. We've found an unoccupied world to land on, but the quadrant already has a few renegade Dread Lords, Yor, Drengin, Korx, and Drath. The planet Charon is currently not occupied by anyone, but that will likely change. Regardless of who has it, we must take it for ourselves to recover the so-called "Salvation Device". Charon is also located near the center of this quadrant, close to a Yor outpost. It's going to be a real slog.

  • Map Size: Huge
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Yor Collective, Dominion of Korx, Drath Legion, Dread Lords
  • Next mission if successful: 9
  • Next mission if failed: 8a

Mission 8a: PathfinderEdit

Our defeat at Charon is a major setback. Earth has sent a covert force to attempt to steal the Salvation Device. Should they be successful, they will need to be able to take the device back to Earth with us as escort. While they attempt to obtain the device, we must clear this quadrant of all enemies. It won't be easy. There is a Dread Lord outpost here and a number of Yor planetary bases. Thankfully, the Dread Lords are quickly fading now that their main fleet has been destroyed. Post-battle analysis has indicated that a Dread Lord fleet generally only consisted of a few dozen individuals, so this outpost may have only a single Dread Lord living on it. But, it could be enough to gum up the works.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Yor Collective, Dread Lords
  • Next mission if successful: 9
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 9: SalvationEdit

The situation is desperate. We're talking really, really bad. The Arceans have already been defeated. The Altarians are on the ropes. We have returned to Earth's home quadrant, which happens to include the Altarian homeworld as well. Both are fighting for their lives. The Drengin are incredibly powerful and likely to get increasingly powerful over time. We must act fast. The Salvation Device apparently works by attaching it to a special apparatus and then pointing it towards the planet you want to "save". We wouldn't normally contemplate taking such a risk -- we don't know exactly what this device will do. But it's either this or total genocide for humanity, as the Drengin Empire has already wiped out our colonies on Mars and the Moon. We have long known there is some sort of Arnorian outpost on the planet Uthon. The planet is desolate (Class 1) and currently occupied by the Drengin Empire. We need to take that world to have a base to point the Salvation Device at the Earth and hopefully save the day. We have remnants of Altarian and Torian outposts here. The Drath have an outpost as well. Make no mistake, the Drengin are incredibly powerful here, though a lingering suspicion remains that they are little more than pawns. There are rumors that a Dread Lord is pulling the strings behind all this activity. With Earth under attack, our only hope is to take Uthon and activate the device before Earth is conquered. The Altarians will try to buy us time with their last outposts. Good luck!

  • Map Size: Gigantic
  • Teams: Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, Torian Confederation, Iconian Refuge, Drengin Empire, Yor Collective
  • Next mission if successful: 10
  • Next mission if failed: end

Mission 10: EscapeEdit

Earth is safe -- thanks to the Salvation Device. It has surrounded the Earth in an impenetrable field. While the Drengin have Earth surrounded, they cannot invade. And we have custody of the Salvation Device.

Now is the time to escape. But where should we go? The mysterious figure has arrived again. He... It... continues to wear a long dark robe. As he approaches, Izok of the Thalan arrives in a shuttle. He has insisted that we not talk to the mysterious figure!

Izok claims that the mysterious figure will lead the entire galaxy to ruin. In response, the mysterious figure unrolls his hood revealing himself -- he's human! He calls himself "Draginol".

To us he says, "The galaxy is shattered, crushed by the evil Drengin and their allies. But the real lords are the Dark Arnor -- the Dread Lords. You have but one hope. You must return to Karion. On Karion is the temple with the device that brought the Dread Lords here. It is too late to send them back, but the device can send you and your forces to where the Dread Lords were. Think of it -- the Dread Lords inhabited that place for centuries, the power and devices that must still be there are the only hope for the free peoples of the galaxy. You must go there and in time, return. Your return will be the beginning of a great crusade to rid the galaxy of evil and tyranny and put an end to the Dread Lords once and for all."

In response, Izok disagrees, "No, that is what we have been trying to tell you. The Thalan are not of your universe. Humans have interefered too many times in the affairs of the galaxy. Your Hyperdrive technology was only the first step. As bad as it is, there are worse things for the universe as a whole than one galaxy dominated by these Drengin creatures. Humanity has been manipulated from the beginning by greater powers. Without your Hyperdrive technology, none of this would have happened. What this 'Draginol' suggests will lead to greater ruin."

If you go to Karion and to the place of the Dread Lords I have no doubt you will return. And your "crusade" will end in fire and death for all living things. That is why we are here, we were sent to stop you. But events occurred too fast and now it's too late so I can only appeal to your... humanity. You must not do this thing."

The Draginol figure looks vaguely familiar though you cannot quite remember from where. However, the decision as to whether to leave the Earth imprisoned forever or to find hope for the future is a no-brainer. Earth WILL be saved. We will go to Karion.

Draginol explains that at the temple we must bring our ships as close as possible. Once the device is activated, our ships will be teleported from our universe to the pocket universe that the Dread Lords were in.

Karion is occupied by the Dread Lords. We must take it back.

Dark AvatarEdit

Mission 1: A Matter of GenocideEdit

The Drath home world is under siege. A commander of the Drath war fleet, Slir Rah'shi, has brought together the clans of the Drath civilization in an all-out defense of their home world. As commander of Drengin forces, and per your direct-supervisor Lord Vire's orders, you are assigned to the glorious task of liberating the Drath home world…for our use. Prepare the remaining Drath survivors for transition into slavelings.

Kindar, the leader of the Korath clan, has placed Lord Drimm to be in charge of the final stages of the war.

In our glorious work ahead, we have been teamed up with the infamous Commander Ragash. We are told that his deadly shock troopers will be leading the assault on the Drath home world.

Our long war for supremacy of the galaxy seems to be near its final conclusion. The Drengin Empire reigns supreme. The only remaining forces who oppose us are the Drath and the Korx. The other so-called major powers are either now occupied or operating only in isolated pockets.

One exception to this is the Thalan. As far as we can tell, the Thalan have no distinct home world. We don't know where they came from, but they appear in various quadrants that we wage war in and generally do not interfere unless offended.

The Korath clan, as you know, are where our elite Drengin shock troops come from. In recent months, they have become numerous enough to actually support a distinct command structure.

Lord Vire, your commander, has ordered you to cooperate with the Korath and make a good showing that us "common" Drengin are every bit as lethal as the illustrious Korath.

Eliminate the Drath. This is the twilight of their galactic civilization.

Mission 2: SpiesEdit

Gemini Quadrant

With the defeat of Slir Rah'shi and the rest of the Drath having gone relatively smoothly - other than the fact that there were no survivors to become our slaves - you've been allowed to command yet another mission. However, if you want Lord Vire off your back, this one needs to go much better.

The Terran Alliance is no longer the military force it once was, but that hasn't deterred the Terran spirit. Led by Special Agent James Solon Locke, they're teaching us a bitter lesson in guerilla and information warfare.

These Terran agents are strong enough that a single Human base is starting to create problems throughout the entire Gemini Quadrant. The notion of sabotage with espionage agents brings to mind an encounter with Seitsaeb, a self-proclaimed "professional mirage schemer." Until now, his ramblings seemed absurd. Our best people are trying to locate his whereabouts as we speak, but until we hear back, we're on our own. We can only defeat a non-standard enemy by defeating these agents and obliterating their base.

Beware. There are also reports that an independent group of Thalan are lurking around. Do not underestimate the Terran Alliance. They tend to try to find subtle ways to thwart our will and if left unchecked will quickly become a major thorn in our side.

Mission 3: Bribery and BackstabbingEdit

Andromeda-Triangulum Quadrant

The Korx have been bribing minor races in a futile attempt to thwart the might of the Drengin Empire. The Korx have even managed to bribe renegade units from the Terran Alliance and have also attracted contingents of the Altarian Resistance to help them defend this quadrant.

The Korath have once again assigned Commander Ragash to bring in units and pre-assemble a base on the planet Sidin as we prepare to defeat the Korx.

Conquer everyone that doesn't agree with our conquest in this sector.

Mission 4: A Nightmare on DithirEdit

Centaurus-Crux Quadrant

Having finally come to an agreement on the slaveling vs. extermination issue with commander Ragash, the Korath and Drengin are finally working as finely tuned machine. The Korx resistance is nearly overwhelmed. Their fate is now preordained.

While the Korath are busy, we have been asked by high command to investigate the allegation that the Korath are researching "Weapons of mass genocide". Therefore, we need to get at least 4 spies onto the planet Dithir to find out exactly what's going on in those labs. Obviously, the Korath control Dithir so we'll have to be careful.

We MUST get those agents onto Dithir before the Korx are wiped out in this sector otherwise we'll have little excuse for hanging out in this quadrant. A professional has been sent to help in this manner. Seitsaeb has been located, and will be assisting you in this mission. By following his instructions, you are almost assured victory.

Mission 5: Return of the Dread LordsEdit

Centaurus-Crux Quadrant (part 2)

Thanks to the espionage efforts of Seitsaeb, we now know where the Korath gained their sudden research expertise... The Dread Lords! Not only were the Dreads Lords not previously defeated, but they used us... and the Terrans... to corrupt our cultural conquests. 

The Korath were once just another clan of the Drengin Empire. But the Dread Lords offered them power and glory beyond their imaginations. In exchange, the Korath have agreed to further the Dread Lord agenda - wiping out all races in the galaxy. Sadly, there's been a hidden price to this agreement. It's all too evident the Korath have begun to change physically as well as mentally. In fact, they barely even look like Drengin anymore.

We have a problem... the Dread Lords do not want us to inform the other races of their existence - or their plans. Unfortunately, the only hyperspace relay station in this quadrant is on Dithir! We must take Dithir from the Dread Lords so that we can send a communication to high command on what has happened.

Our agents that were on Dithir are gone. In fact, upon discovery, the Dread Lords sprung a long prepared trap that has sent out a massive shockwave throughout the quadrant! Only our original outpost on Kandthis has survived and only then just barely!

We must take Dithir. It will not be easy.