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The Colony Management screen for a brand new Terran civilization.

The Colony Management screen allows the player to manage and view information about their colonies. The top of the screen displays the name of the planet and the planet class. Next is a display of the current population.

The amount of military production, social production, and research are displayed across the top, both in icon form and in numbers. Dimmed icons and parenthetical numbers indicate that the production is not being utilized (and credits are not being deducted for that utilization). Clicking on the blue circles will emphasize the corresponding planet production, while decreasing the other two.

Next is a box that contains vital stats about the colony. These include the amount of food, influence, approval the colony is producing each turn. It also contains the amount of income, spending, and the maintenance costs for each turn. The upper right of the screen shows what is being produced by the starport (if one is present).

In the center of the screen is a map of the surface of the planet. Empty green tiles may have planetary improvements built on them, and tiles that contain existing improvements can be upgraded or the improvements can be decommissioned if needed. Solid buildings are completed, transparent buildings are not yet complete, and transparent buildings with a hammer on them are currently under construction. Clicking on an empty green tile will display the possible planetary improvements in panel on the right. Information about the selected improvement are displayed in the lower left.

A box in the lower center displays colony information. This includes the amount of industry, research, food and bonuses that may be impacting the colony (like Morale Bonus or Influence Bonus). This box also displays information about building or purchasing improvements if an incomplete improvement is selected. The lower right corner contains the queue of social projects. The "Done" button in the lower right corner returns the user to the main map.

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