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These numbers are mostly used in the Scenario files.

Race Relation Intelligence (Unconfirmed) Morality (Unconfirmed) ShipStyle
-1 At war (no peace possible)
0 Terran Unknown Fool Evil Arcean, Terran, Akilians
1 Drengin At war Beginner Neutral Torian, Drath, Iconian, Jessuins
2 Altarian Hostile Sub-Normal Good Yor, Thalan, Scottlingas, Andians
3 Arcean Wary Normal Drengin, Custom, Carinoids, Paulos, Snathi
4 Torian Cool Bright Leaning neutral Korx, Altarian, Dark Yor
5 Yor Neutral Intelligent Dread Lords
6 Korx Warm Gifted
7 Drath Friendly Genius
8 Thalan Close Incredible
9 Iconian Ally
10 Custom
11 Dread Lords

Changing Morality in the scenarios doesn't seem to effect the alignment, it might be a bug, or it might not be the alignment at all.

WANTED: A full list of the "AbilityType" values as used in PlanetaryImprovements.xml