Galactic Civilizations Wiki

A custom race can be created by the player in Galactic Civilizations II. This feature allows the player to create a different race than the major races that are playable in the game.

Each custom race is allowed 10 points, and these may be used towards racial abilities.

Race Info[]

  • Official Name: Custom race
  • Alignment: Neutral (50)
  • Short name: Custom
  • Leader: Generic Leader
  • Homeworld: Custom Homeworld - Class 10 (13 when fully terraformed), has a moon (+10% manufacturing bonus)
  • Adjacent Habitable Planet: Custom Homeworld II - Class 4 (13 or 16 when fully terraformed in TA)
  • Homestar: Custom Star

Starting Technologies[]

Any totaling 200.

Racial bonuses[]

  • Inherent ability point equivalency: 4.5
  • Left over points for customization: 15 (TA)

Inherent bonuses are special bonuses that each preset race has on the top of the standard 10 points. You can remove all other bonuses to yield the standard total of 10 point available for customization.

Inherent bonuses disappear if you try to customize that ability by selecting an option in that category.

Other bonuses like Logistics and Miniaturization can never be removed or changed.

Note that while custom races have obviously the highest customization points, and can choose their super ability, their tech tree is somewhat bland, and they cannot achieve exceptional skills that some races can. As well, generally the value of their inherent + custom points is middle of the road, so to make themselves truly exceptional in one field, they pretty much have to neglect others, making them less well rounded overall compared to other races.