Galactic Civilizations Wiki

Diplomacy is a key part of the game. Players — both human and AI — may trade technology, starbases, ships, planets and trade goods (unique improvements built by one race that provide a bonus to those obtaining them). Negotiation skill is an important factor which varies with inherent racial bonuses and research; it can be possible to gain a significant technological advantage through careful trading with less sophisticated races.

Each race has customized text used during negotiation that signifies their current relations with the player. Relations depend on a number of factors, including current trade, relative ethical alignment, belligerence, military might and past actions. AI players may decide to initiate technology trades or demand tribute from the player, or to warn them of perceived threats.

Relation Factors[]

Relation Factors can be found under Foreign Policy's Report tab. In order to be 'Close', the sum of all factors must be at least seven. However, providing aid when a civilization is under attack and asks for assistance will also bring relations closer, allowing a smaller sum.

Positive Factors[]

  • Our diplomacy skill (+)
The player has a greater diplomacy skill than the AI.
  • Our Treaties Together(+/++)
The player has traded/given his research or econ treaty to that race.
  • Our historic friendship (+/++)
The player hasn't had a war with that race for about two game years .
  • Too busy to risk war with us (+)
The AI is at war with another civilization or busy colonizing/building (?)
  • Our Ethical alignment (+)
The player is of, or is leaning towards the same ethical alignment as that race.
  • Trading (+/++)
The player has trade routes with the AI.
  • Our Military Strength (+/++)
The player has a higher military score than the AI.

Negative Factors[]

  • "We know what you're doing.." (-/--)
The player has ships, specifically transports, too close to the AI's planets. May also be triggered by having Starbases too close to the AI and or player going for techological victory in v1.1.
  • Militaristic (-)
  • Our alarming influence (-)
  • Our close borders (-)
  • Our Diplomacy Skill (-)
The player has a lesser diplomacy skill than the AI.
  • Our Ethical alignment (-)
  • Our historic animosity (-)
  • Our Military Strength (-/--)
The player has a smaller military than the AI.
  • Lingering racial grudge (-)
i.e. Drengin/Torian relations
  • Our Tendency To Conquer Others(-/--)
  • They don't trust us (-/--)
The player attacked an ally or another player to whom he has given/traded his research or econ treaty.
  • Warmongers (-/--)