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  • Official Name: Dread Lords
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (1)
  • Short Name: Dread Lords
  • Leader: Lord Dread
  • Homeworld: Amalda
  • Homestar: Amaldia
  • Description:

The Dread Lords were an ancient and powerful civilization that was once on the brink of conquering the galaxy and vanquishing their opponents, the Arnor. Just as they were about to conquer the last Arnorian homeworld, the Dread Lords were sealed away into a pocket universe by the remaining Arnor. What happened afterward is unknown.

The Dread Lords may appear if the player chooses to play the story-driven Campaign mode of Galactic Civilizations II, or if one chooses the appropriate scenario in a sandbox game. Their ships are biomechanical and as such one Dread Lord ship can destroy many ships several times its size before being neutralised.

"The Dread Lords are an ancient race who possess incredible power."