Adds a bonus to your total tax revenue.

  • Advanced (+10%) cost: 2 points
  • Gifted (+20%) cost: 3 points
  • Master (+30%) cost: 4 points

- Always pick 30%. This way you get the most benefit for the amount of spent points.
- Very useful pick in DL. Essential in DA (In DA planets generate 20% less money).

- 30% might not seem like a big deal, but that 30% can roughly translate as "100-150% more cash surplus". For instance, you might earn 1000 b.c.s per turn, but 900 is used up for maintenance, leaving you with only 100 b.c.s. With the 30%, you get 1300 b.c.s, or 400 b.c.s of surplus each turn. This can in turn be accumulated for other practical purposes, such as paying others to fight each other or to buy their technologies. In addition, it allows you to sustain a much larger fleet. It is a MUST.