A race that has an espionage bonus will use many different tactics to get more information on their allies and enemies alike.

  • Advanced (+15%) cost: 1 pt.
  • Gifted (+30%) cost: 2 points

- Not of much use in DL, where one can get advanced espionage on an opponent for ~2000BC.
- Pointless in DA, where this attribute allows a player to spend x% MORE money, and spies very soon became PROHIBITIVELY expensive (several thousands BCs each).

Applies to TA (unconfirmed for DA) A higher espionage skill allows for more money to be spend on gaining new spies. Not very useful at the start when spies come cheap. However, spies become progressively more expensive as you train more and more of them and this is when espionage skill begins to work as a time saver. Being able to spend more cash on training spies means you can train spies quicker than an opponent with the same amount of spies and income.

- Note that in with the Super Spy super ability you can spend 35% of their income on espionage