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Yor-style freighters along a trade route.

A freighter is any ship outfitted with a trade module and used for trading. Freighters are required to establish a trade route from one colony to another; after moving a freighter onto a foreign colony, a route will be established between that colony and the planet where the freighter was built. A smaller version of the freighter runs goods along a trade route after it is established, and can be attacked by enemies like any other ship. Destroying many freighters in this manner will cause the trade route to be abandoned.

Freighters are expended upon the creation of a trade route. Abandoning a route or losing it due to enemy ships will not refund the cost of the freighter.

Core ship design[]

The Human Freighter core ship design.

Class: Freighter
Required Technology: HyperDrive, Trade
Hull Type: Cargo Hull
Components: Basic Support, HyperDrive, Trade Module

  • Hit Points: 1 hp
  • Cost: 124 bc
  • Maintenance: 0 bc
  • Speed: 2 pc/wk
  • Range: 0.9 sct
  • Sensor Radius: 3 pc
  • Special Abilities: Trade
  • Attack
    • Beam: 0
    • Missile: 0
    • Gun: 0
  • Defense
    • Shield: 0
    • Point: 0
    • Armor: 0