Galactic Civilizations II is a turn based strategy game developed and published by Stardock. It is a sequel to the original Galactic Civilizations. Released on Feb 21, 2006, Galactic Civilizations II was distributed by Take Two Interactive (as well as being available for download through Stardock).

Demand for Galactic Civilizations II exceeded initial expectations, causing delays in the retail distribution of the game. Trying to avoid the situation of running out of inventory that the original faced, an initial manufacturing run of approximately 50,000 units was ordered as an attempt to "overcompensate". As it turns out, that run may have only barely covered the initial demand.

Galactic Civilizations II has been well received by the critics. They praise the advances since the last game with regards to graphics, interface, and gameplay. The lack of multiplayer is a common complaint, although this may be added on as an expansion at a later date.