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An Interstellar Republic is a government type in which there are free elections for the senate.

It is harder to keep morale up among citizens however you get a nice bonus to your economy.

  • Economic Bonus: 10%


Technology Name Interstellar Republic
Short Description Allows us to transform to an interstellar republic.
Technology Type Government
Research Cost 800
Prerequisites Alliances
Tech Leads to Star Democracy
Tech Provides Diplomacy Ability +10, Culture Ability +5
Long Description With research completed on the interstellar republic, our government can now start to involve its citizens in the decision making process. By choosing to change to a republic, citizens in our empire will, for the first time, get to vote on their ruling party, whether or not to go to war, and what form of government they wish to belong to. So keep your people happy and they will vote in your favor.