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Main Screen Keys

A Set Ship to AutoSurvey
B Build Starbase Here
C Center on Selected Ship or Planet
D Ship or Fleet Details
F Create Fleet from Stack
G Set Ship to Guard
H Show Homeworld or Selected Ship's Homeworld
I Show Selected Planet's Starport Screen
J Show Selected Planet's Quick Projects Window
K Set Ship to Auto Attack
L Set Selected Planet's Launch Direction (DA)
M Build Asteroid Mining Base Here (DA)
P Set Rally Point
R Set Ship to Auto Retreat
S Set Ship to Sentry
T Set Selected Ship's Rally Point
U Disband Selected Fleet
W Set Ship to Auto Explore
X Next Planet
Z Previous Planet
1 Default Camera Angle
2 45° Camera Angle
3 60° Camera Angle
4 Top-down Camera Angle
5 Zoom Out to Tactical View
= Zoom Main Map Out
- Zoom Main Map In
+ (numpad) Zoom Minimap Out
- (numpad) Zoom Minimap In
F1 Show Ship List
F2 Show Planet List
F3 Show Research Screen
F4 Show Finance Screen
F5 Show Foreign Policy Screen
F6 Show Civ Manager Screen
F7 Show Shipyard Screen
F8, Esc Show Options Screen
F9 Show Ship Design Screen
F11 Toggle Main Console
Spacebar Skip Selected Ship's Turn
Tab Cycle Through Ships with Available Moves that are not on Autopilot
Enter End Turn
Ctrl+G Toggle Parsec Grid
Ctrl+F Shows framerate
Ctrl+L Show Load/Save Dialog
Ctrl+M Toggle Music
Ctrl+N Regenerate Map with Same Settings
Ctrl+S Quicksave
Ctrl+(number) Speak to AI Players
Shift+M Auto Build and Improve Asteroid Mining Bases (DA)
Arrow Keys Move Selected Ship
Shift+Arrow Keys Pan Camera
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Rotate Camera

Ship Designer Keys

Del Remove Selected Component
H Toggle Hardpoint Display
M Move Selected Component
1 Default View
2 Front View
3 Side View
4 Top View
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Rotate View (DA)
= Zoom Out
- Zoom In

Planet Manager Keys

T Set Rally Point
Z Previous Planet
X Next Planet
Del Decommission / Remove from Queue

Civ Manager Keys

T Set Rally Point

Research Screen Keys

= Zoom Out
- Zoom In

Keyboard shortcuts from 1.1 change log

Ship Designer Screen

Delete Deletes selected component
M Moves the selected component
1,2,3,4 Default, Front, Side, Top views
H Toggle hardpoints on/off
,- Zoom in and out

Main Window Control

Z,X Cycle through your planets (when a planet is selected on the main map)
CTRL+Arrows Rotate main map (with snapback working if activated)
SHIFT+Arrows Pan main map

Keyboard shortcuts from 1.0 manual

Lists and Management Screens

F1 Planet List
F2 Ship List
F3 Research Screen
F4 Domestic Policy
F5 Foreign Policy
F6 Civilization Manager
F7 Shipyard
F8 Options Screen

General Functions

TAB Next Ship
SPACEBAR Skip turn for active unit
ENTER End Turn or close current Window (v1.11: ENTER only end the turn even if a window is open)
ESC Close current window or bring up options screen (v1.11: ESC only bring up or close option screen)
Ctrl+M Toggle background music
Ctrl+N Quick start a new game with current settings
Ctrl+S Quick Save
Ctrl+L Bring up Load/Save Dialog
COMMA Play previous track (when using playlist)
PERIOD Play next track (when using playlist)
Ctrl+Print Screen Take a screenshot (goes into screenshot folder)

Main Window Controls

1 Default Map View
2 Angled View
3 Near Level View
4 Top Down view
5 Strategic View
Ctrl+G Toggle Grid
Shift+P Find your most powerful planet
PLUS Zoom-In Map
MINUS Zoom Out Map

Ships and Rally Points

A Auto survey
B build starbase
C center on selected ship
D Details of current Ship
F put stacked ships in a fleet
G guard
K auto attack
R auto retreat
S sleep
T brings up Rally Point List
U break up fleet
W sector sweep
X rallypoint window
DEL Decommission a ship
Shift+S Find your toughest Ship
Shift+F Find your toughest Fleet
] center on next rallypoint
[ center on previous rallypoint
  • fsk+ says: I believe this is buggy for '[' and ']'; at least it was in v1.1.b4a.


Ctrl+1 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 1 (Humans)
Ctrl+2 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 2 (Drengin)
Ctrl+3 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 3 (Arceans)
Ctrl+4 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 4 (Altarians)
Ctrl+5 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 5 (Torians)
Ctrl+6 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 6 (Yor)
Ctrl+7 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 7 (Korx)
Ctrl+8 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 8 (Drath)
Ctrl+9 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 9 (Thalan)
Ctrl+0 Bring up Negotiation Screen with Player 10 (Iconians)

Visual maps

Visual map of Galactic Civilizations controls. Click on the image for a clearer view.
Visual map of Galactic Civilizations 2 controls. Click on the image for a clearer view.

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