Main map.jpg
The Main Map.

The main map is the primary display area of Galactic Civilizations II. On the main map you can see all the stars, planets, resources, anomalies, starbases, ships, etc. The main map may be viewed at any zoom level, from a detailed view where you can make out the details of individual ships to a high-level view where all the objects are represented by icons. The view may also be tilted, but all action takes place along a two-dimensional plane.


  • The main map can be scrolled either by moving the mouse in the desired direction or by right-clicking the main map and dragging the map.
  • As of 5-th of March, 2021, there is an unsolved/unfixed bug in drivers for AMD's Radeon video cards, which been present in GalCiv II since the days of introduction of R 2xx series video cards, that renders all planets on the map completely black/textureless. This can be partially "mitigated"/"fixed" by checking the "disable hardware transform" box in the graphical options and then exiting and restarting the game, however - this will render planets only in their most simplest form without any advanced lighting effects or high quality textures. This bug was not present on the HD series of Radeon cards (such as HD 6xxx, 7xxx, and etc).
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