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General points[]

  • One of the main advantages of choosing Neutral is that all upgradable tiles are instantly upgradeable.

If you research Xeno Ethics early, there is no need at all to research Soil Enhancement and subsequent techs. An exception could be if you wanted to get the trade good Aphrodisiac obtainable by researching Habitat Improvement.

  • I'm not sure when this changed, but in my Dark Avatar games (DA v1.5), you still need the appropriate tech for the instant upgrades to happen.

Because all your colonies are instantly upgraded , their planet quality instantly improves. Since one of the key variables of population growth is planet quality, a neutral race can rake in large amounts of cash due to high populations. It might be worthwhile to try a strategy based around racial abilities that grant population growth and morale bonuses, and generous use of Stock Market.

See Neutrality Learning Centers strategies

  • Temple of Neutrality is not very important since it works only if there are other AI races that tend to be neutral (like the Terran Alliance around. Also given that the AI doesn't focus on acquiring Xeno Ethics, even neutral leaning races won't become neutral until much later. However, you can sometimes coerce them into becoming neutral by offering them the Xeno Ethics technology in a trade.

As such, if you are neutral, there is very little reason to research techs like Good and Evil and Balanced Vision unless you want the diplomacy bonus.

  • For most part, even when you are dead set on choosing the neutrality option, when faced with moral decisions prior to acquiring Xeno Ethics, it is worthwhile to choose the evil choice because the maximum penalty of 2,500 credits isn't a lot. In fact, if you do not have 2,500 credits in reserve, you just pay 10 credits for the next 250 turns. That's right, you get to defer the payment at 0% interest!
    • As of Dark Avatar 1.8, you have to be careful - it will drain your treasury down to 0 and then have you paying the rest of the 2,500 at 10BC per turn. If your economy is in trouble, this instant drain to 0 can be a bit of a shock.