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A Basic Trade Center.

Each planet starts with either an Initial Colony or Civilization Capital. Other planetary improvements are projects (usually buildings) that can be built or bought on unused tiles on the surface of planets. The number of usable tiles is determined by the planet quality. Each tile can hold a single project. Some tiles may contain special resources that provide bonuses to projects built on them. There are five types of projects that can be built in a tile:

  1. Improvements - Standard projects that can be built multiple times on each colony.
  2. Unique Project, that can be build only once per planet.
  3. Super Projects - Significant projects that can only be built once for each civilization.
    • It is possible to have more than one Super Project by acquiring planets from another civilisation that has built it or is in the process of building it.
  4. Galactic Achievements - Monumental tasks that can only be built once in the entire galaxy.
  5. Trade Goods - Commodities that can only be created by one civilization, but which may be traded.

Worth to know:

  • Improvements can be upgraded, changed to another type of improvement, or deconstructed. Super Projects, Galactic Achievements, Trade Goods, Initial Colony and Civilization Capital can't.
  • Some of the Improvements, Super Projects, and Galactic Achievements are restricted to civilizations with a certain alignment or a technology only available to one specific race.
  • When taking over a planet from another race, normal improvements are lost if the new owner does not possess the appropriate technologies. All other improvements remain regardless. Invasion plans that result in lost improvements will generally only affect normal improvements as well.

Building costs of projects (base costs) are determined in the PlanetImprovements.xml file. Buying and upgrading costs depend on the base costs and the production points already spent for the existing project on the tile. The rough formula is:

 Rush buy cost = ((base cost - already_spent_points) ^ 1.1) * 6.


  • Unique Building Techs.pdf - A list of all Unique buildings with their Tech requirements. This will help you be the first to build Unique buildings.

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