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This bonus adds to your population growth.

  • Frisky (+10%) cost: 1 point
  • Very Frisky (+20%) cost: 2 points
  • Fruitful (+30%) cost: 3 points
  • Don't Ask (+70%) cost: 6 points


  • Frisky (+5%) cost: 1 point (5% pp)
  • Very Frisky (+15%) cost: 3 points (5% pp)
  • Fruitful (+25%) cost: 3 points (8.3% pp)
  • Don't Ask (+40%) cost: 4 points (10% pp)

- In version 1.0X.009 and earlier, the population growth was capped at 200,000 per turn, making the bonus almost if not completely useless.
- In version 1.1 and onwards the bonus works correctly, but is applied BEFORE the morale bonus, meaning a bonus of +70% will not work as +140% at 100% morale.
- In DL there's a "killer" race with 70% growth and 30% econ bonus. Played properly it will yield at the end of the second year almost as much population as all other races together.
- In DA, this is somewhat less useful due to the bonuses being smaller and the existence of techs that boost population growth. This is also major overkill when using a race with the Super Breeder trait.