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Resources are rare space phenomena that provide bonuses in 1 of 5 categories:

Morale Resource.png
Morale These resources contain Happy Gas, mining this resource will give your people a morale boost an you will receive a higher approval rating as a result.
Economic Resource.png
Economic Economic resources Black Platinum, a type of metal that is extremely valuable in trade. Mining this will increase your economic ability.
Military Resource.png
Military Dilithium Crystals in Military resources contain a special type of energy that magnify your weapons and shielding on your ships which makes them stronger and more powerful. Your weapons and shields get a +X% bonus.
Influence Resource.png

Synthetic Alcohol in Influence resources increase your empire's influence. Mining these will be important to any civilization that is hoping to convince other civilizations to defect to them peacefully.

Research Resource.png
Research Contained in these resources is Viscous Goo, useful for vastly increasing the effectiveness of your existing research computers. They provide a bonus to empire research.

You can mine a resource by constructing a mining starbase with a constructor.