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The Snathi
Symbol RaceLogo22.png
Official Name Snathi
Alignment Chaotic Evil (1)
Short Name Snathi
Leader Snarky
Homeworld Snathi
Homestar Snathi

The Snathi are a race of sentient squirrels. Very, very evil squirrels.

These guys are E-V-I-L! It's rumored that the Dread Lords, in a last ditch effort to destroy the Arnorians in the epic Battle of Kalis-Yu', focused all their dark energy, malice, and hatred into a army of war-hungry demons... the SNATHI! Now, after billions of years hoarding their proverbial 'Nuts', the Snathi have metaphorically 'climbed out of their tree' and will 'gnaw the galaxy with their big squirrel-like teeth'... so to speak.

"The Snathi exists to enslave all inferiors. We will soon learn if you are amongst them."