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The soldiering bonus gives the race that selected this ability a proportionate bonus in the soldiering ability.

  • Hardy (+10%) cost: 1 pt.
  • Tough (+20%) cost: 2 points
  • Invincible (30%) cost: 3 points

- Moderately useful in DL and DA, since in both games the whole ground-combat tech branch is pretty cheap to research. However when ALL races have all ground-comabat techs, this added percent can give some edge.

- Debatable for the case of the Korath clan since they already have spore ships to take over an entire planet without having to fight it out. If it is picked, it would most likely be used defensively in times of invasion by another civilizations.

- A 30% increase in soldiering makes a HUGE difference towards the subjugation of a planet. If you are playing a race weak in soldiering such as the Thalans or Altarians, investing points in this would offset the massive advantages that the Korath or Drengin would have towards you.