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Star Democracy is a social technology, and an advanced form of government. Civilizations ruled by a Star Democracy receive a 20% economy bonus. However, in order to change to a Star Democracy your approval rating must be high enough. The Senate will periodically undergo an election under a Star Democracy, with failure to control the senate leading to a loss of the political party bonus and the imposition of a political party penalty. Civilizations run by a Star Democracy must have Senate authorization before going to war.

  • Economic Bonus: 20%
  • No other bonuses, like one would expect from long description.


Technology Name Star Democracy
Short Description Allows us to transform to a Star Democracy
Technology Type Government
Research Cost 1500
Prerequisites Interstellar Republic
Tech Leads to Star Federation
Tech Provides Diplomacy Ability +10, Culture Ability +5
Long Description Star Democracy ups the ante on the importance of keeping our people happy. On the other hand, it also vastly increases our economic and industrial capacity as well.