Super Projects are significant projects that can only be built once for each civilization.

Super Projects include:

fsk+ asks Edit

Q: If you capture a super project built by another race, do you get double the benefit?

A: Yes. Moreover, it appears that if it is in the captured planet's queue it can built even if it has not yet been started.

Q: For example, I have build a Hyperion Logisitcs System, the Drengin build one also, and now I capture the Drengin planet where they built it. Do I now get +12 to logistics or +6? I would think it should be +6, but has someone verified this?

A: Yes, you get both bonuses. In this way it is possible to get VERY high logistics.

Q: For example, if you capture another race's manufacturing capital, you do get the benefit of having two manufacturing capitals. I think everyone would agree that is the appropriate behavior. I'm just wondering if it applies for the others?

A: Yes, you get the benefits of both buildings, if you capture an additional one.