In Twilight of the Arnor, Technologies are quite different depending on race or custom technology tree.

Each race has a different Tech Tree. You can also create your own. All Tech Trees are significantly different and geared towards the race that they belong to. For example, the Drengin Tech Tree replaces Xeno Engineering with Xeno Slavery. They also have Slave Pits instead of Factories. Each race also has a number of special techs that are unique to that race's Tech Tree and cannot be researched by other Civs. (They can be traded to other Civs.) Each one of these "Special" Techs carries bonuses. However, as each race has them they balance out.

Note: The Terran Tech Tree is the closest to the one used in Dread Lords.

Another new addition is Terrorstar and ship modules that effect a whole fleet. Terrorstars can be developed by any race and requires 5 levels of research. You need all five levels for a functional Terrorstar.

There are two types of fleet affecting ship modules: Atlas and Drive. Atlas technology is any offensive or defensive ship modules that effect every ship in a fleet. Drive (e.g. Warp Bubbles found in Terran & Minor techtrees) allows every ship to to travel at the speed of the Drive ship.

Having two ships in a fleet with the same fleet module is pointless. Also the AI tends to prioritize a ship with a fleet module but will not use Atlas or Drive or Terrorstar technology itself.

Spotting unique technologyEdit

Diplomacy screen

Technologies marked with an asterix (*) are unique in the current game. This does not mean it's a racially unique tech. If you are playing a 1v1 game of the Arceans versus the Terrans, you'll notice an asterix in front of every engine technology they own. This is because the Arceans lack engine technology which makes the Terrans the sole owner of all engine technology above hyperdrive. If the Arceans acquire the Terran technology, the asterix will disappear because the Terrans and Arceans share drive technology and as such neither is or can be sole owner of a technology.

An asterix applies to your technologies as well if you are the sole owner of a technology.

Research screen

Any tech in your techtree that has your racial icon displayed on the left side is a racially unique technology. After researching this tech and if it is tradable it will be marked by an asterix in the diplomacy screen.

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