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With over 150 technologies in five categories, GalCiv II will keep you really busy if you want to research them all.

Technology is researched during the game, unlocking planetary improvements, ships and bonuses. Twilight of the Arnor Technology is quite different depending on your starting race or custom technology tree. In Dark Avatar and Dread Lords, Technology is divided into different categories: diplomatic, propulsion, engineering, weapon, and defense.

Technology Tree (Temporary):

Another Tech Tree:

Unique Buildings Table with Tech requirements: (printable)

Diplomatic Technology[]

Diplomatic technology improves the government, its relations with its citizens, and its relations with other governments.

Xeno Communications
Universal Translator
Interstellar Governments
Diplomatic Relations
Xeno Entertainment
Xeno Ethics
Interstellar Republic
Star Democracy
Star Federation
Advanced Diplomacy
Expert Diplomacy
Total Majesty
Neutral Shipping
Advanced Trade
Master Trade
Xeno Business
Cultural Domination
Historical Assimilation
Xeno Cultural Trends
Cultural Insurrection
Cultural Conquest
Extreme Entertainment
Zero G Sports Arenas
Virtual Reality Centers
Good and Evil
Concepts of Malice
Balanced Vision
Concepts of Righteousness

Propulsion Technology[]

Space ships are useless without something to make them move. These technologies provide increasingly useful versions of that something.

New Propulsion Techniques
Ion Drive
Impulse Drive
Impulse Drive Mark II
Impulse Drive Mark III
Warp Drive
Warp Drive II
Warp Drive III
Warp Drive IV
Warp Drive V
HyperWarp II
HyperWarp III

Engineering Technology[]

Yeah, this could use a description. For the purpose of keeping the techtree neat, this section has been split into the three branches off of Xeno Engineering.

Xeno Engineering
Basic Logistics
Enhanced Logistics
Advanced Logistics
Expert Logistics
Ultimate Logistics
General Life Support
Extended Life Support
Advanced Life Support
Ultra Life Support
Advanced Hulls
Medium Scale Building
Superior Hulls
Large Scale Building
Master Hull Building
Reinforced Hull Design
Hardened Hull Design
Massive Scale Building

Xeno Engineering
Planetary Improvements (Technology)
Xeno Industrial Theory
Xeno Factory Construction
Manufacturing Centers
Industrial Sector
Xeno Economics
Xeno Trade Centers
Xeno Bank Construction
Galactic Stock Exchanges
Xeno Farm Construction
Xeno Farm Construction II
Xeno Farm Construction III
Soil Enhancement
Habitat Improvement

Xeno Engineering
Xeno Research
Advanced Computing
Basic Miniaturization
Enhanced Miniaturization
Advanced Miniaturization
Expert Miniaturization
Ultimate Miniaturization
Supreme Miniaturization
Research Centers
Research Academies
Invention Matrix
Discovery Sphere
Deeper Knowledge
Galactic Understanding
Near Omniscience
Beyond Mortality
Technology Victory
Stellar Cartography
Sensors Mark II
Sensors Mark III
Sensors Mark IV

Weapon Technology[]

Note: \
Weapons are a necessity, whether you like them or not. The galaxy is a harsh place, not to mention the spiffy effects that these weapons produce. BANG!

Galactic Warfare
Space Militarization
Space Weapons
Beam Weapon Theory
Laser II
Laser III
Laser IV
Laser V
Plasma Weapons
Plasma Weapons II
Plasma Weapons III
Psyonic Beam
Phasors II
Phasors III
Phasors IV
Phasors V
Phasors VI
Phasors VII
Disruptors II
Disruptors III
Subspace Blaster
Subspace Annihilator
Doom Ray
Mass Driver Theory
MiniBalls II
Mass Drivers
Mass Drivers II
Mass Drivers III
Singularity Driver
Singularity Driver II
Singularity Driver III
Singularity Driver IV
Graviton Driver
Graviton Driver II
Graviton Driver III
Psyonic Shredder
Graviton Driver IV
Quantum Driver
Quantum Driver II
Quantum Driver III
HD Spike Driver
HD Spike Driver II
HD Spike Driver III
HD Spike Driver IV
Neutrino Bullets
Black Hole Gun
Missile Weapon Theory
Stinger II
Stinger III
Stinger IV
Harpoon II
Harpoon III
Pysonic Missile
Photonic Torpedo
Photonic Torpedo II
Photon Torpedo
Photon Torpedo II
Photon Torpedo III
Anti-Matter Torp
Anti-Matter Torp II
Anti-Matter Torp III
Quantum Torp
Quantum Torp II
Quantum Torp III
Positronic Torp
Positronic Torp II
Blackhole Eruptor
Starbase Defenses
Starbase Mobilization
Starbase Projection
Superior Starbase Defense Systems
Starbase Conquest Strategy

Galactic Warfare
Space Militarization
Planetary Invasion
Planetary Bombardment
Planetary Defense
Adv. Planetary Defense
Supreme Planetary Defense
Space Marines
Advanced Troop Mod
Shock Troops
Tidal Disruption

Defense Technology[]

It's not very fun to get shot at. It's even less fun when you don't have anything blocking the bullet.

Galactic Warfare
Space Militarization
Starship Defenses
Armor Theory
Titanium Armor
Titanium Armor II
Titanium Armor III
Duranthium II
Duranthium III
Arnorian Battle Armor
Enhanced Tri-Strontium
Superior Tri-Strontium
Kanvium II
Kanvium III
Duralthene Armor
Adamantium Armor
Adamantium Armor II
Ultimate Adamantium
Zero-Point Armor
Missile Defense Theory
Smart Chaff
Telepathic Defense
Point Defense
Point Defense II
Point Defense III
PD Combo
PD Combo II
PD Combo III
Droid Sentries
Droid Sentries II
Droid Sentries III
Aereon Missile Defense
Shield Defense Theory
Enhanced Deflectors
Advanced Deflectors
Superior Deflectors
Shields II
Shields III
Subspace Rebounder
Barriers II
Barriers III
Dynamic Shielding
Force Fields
Advanced Force Fields
Superior Force Fields
Invulnerability Field
Invulnerability Field II
Ultimate Invulnerability
Starbase Fortification
Starbase Fortification Mark II
Starbase Fortification Mark III