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Trade can mean several things -

  • Trade is a game feature, whereby you can generate income by using freighters to conduct trade with other civilizations
  • Trade is a technology that enables trading for a civilization
    • Advanced Trade is a technology that improves trading abilities of a civilization
    • Master Trade is a technology that further improves trading abilities of a civilization

Other uses of Trade -

  • Trade Bonus is a racial bonus that increases that amount of income generated from trading
  • Trade Routes Bonus is a racial bonus that increases the maximum trade routes your civilization may have
  • Trade Module is a ship component that allows a ship to act as a freighter and perform trade
  • Trade Goods are social improvements that can only be constructed by one civilization, but are tradeable with other civilizations

Dark Avatar: Trade Benefits The benefits of trade are multiple. Higher revenues, better diplomacy, and increased technical advancements are possible (new relationships; trade and research agreements). As you establish trade routes, and supplement them with star bases equipped with trade-enhancement modules, you will see increased levels in all three. Examples include other races are more willing to defend you when you have a high trade ratio.

Dark Avatar: Trade Limitations As with GalCiv2, the DA trade 'maximum routes' has be fixed at 11. This is problematic if a player were to choose bonus routes during race set-up and attempt to capitalize on the Neutral Trade bonus routes. Even though through galactic events and nuetral trading bonuses it is statistically possible to have up to 18, the current game prevents players from attaining higher than 11.