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Topics of Interest[]

Some areas of the wiki that I think warrant some attention.

Uncategorized Pages[]

Uncategorized Pages should be avoided. Either we should tag these pages with an existing category, or come up with a new one that it does fit into. Pages without a category are sort of in limbo, and deserve to be placed somewhere.

Article Orphanarium[]

The Orphaned pages list should be at 0 or close to 0. If somebody took the time to write an article, it deserves to be linked to from somewhere. If not, maybe it should be deleted.

Wanted Pages[]

Red links can be healthy. They can represent the potential for expansion. 0 red links means the wiki is dead. However, if a bunch of people are linking to the same thing, and there's nothing written about, it can give the wiki an unpolished look. So, if you see anything up towards the top of that list, go ahead and write something up. You've already got a built-in audience. And if YOUR name is near the top of that list, maybe go ahead and make up a little user page. Just a sentence or two if you want. Or maybe a haiku. Or your favorite word. Or your favorite color. Anything. It'll get you off of that list, too.

Future Projects[]

Some projects, articles, or ideas about the wiki as it goes forward.

A Little Color?[]

Currently this wiki is woefully devoid of images. Maybe we should develop a project to identify articles that need images. If that ever happens, we should also create a page to manage unused images like this one so that we don't waste space with images that aren't linked to.

Future Direction[]

It would be great if this wiki could become a living document that manages to capture all the nuances of the game (even as they change through the updates). This wiki could be an all-in-one manual, strategy guide, mod directory, etc. There's a lot of potential here, but it's up to us to get it done. It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now? - RATM


Some tips for those new to the wiki format.

Don't Take it Personally[]

A common problem for new wikipedians is their sense of ownership over what they contribute. It's THEIRS, and if somebody tears into it, modifies it, deletes it, or whatever they take it as a personal attack. Generally this is not the case. Anything that we add to the article space belongs to everybody, and is fair game to be added to, modified, or removed. So if somebody does that to something you've written, don't take it personally. They were probably just trying to make the article better. If they screwed something up, fix it. If there's a disagreement, hash it out over in the talk page. It's called Galactic Civilizations, people, not "Galactic Barbarians". Let's be civil. ;)

Jump Right In, the Water's Fine[]

Don't be afraid to try to contribute. Anything that can be done, can be undone. Generally it is helpful to start out by editing existing articles. Once you start doing that, you'll get more comfortable with your wiki-fu, and before you know it you'll be creating pages and templates and doing all the things that the wiki-fu-masters do. (I'm not sure what they do myself, but surely it's cool.)