Galactic Civilizations Wiki
Technology Name Xeno Industrial Theory
Short Description Allows us to start researching planetary improvements, improvements to logistics, and new types of hulls for our ships.
Technology Type Economics
Research Cost 200
Prerequisites Planetary Improvements
Tech Leads to Xeno Factory Construction
Tech Provides Social production +10, Factory, Mining Headquarters, Adv. Starbase Factory
Long Description We want to build things on planets: farms, banks, mines, factories, etc. No problem right? Just, you know, go build stuff. Not so fast! For the most part, key materials have to be shipped to build these things. It's not like colony ships are equipped with all the refining capacity needed to just start building factories and labs and the like. What we have researched here is more of a logistical battle plan on how to organize and transport the needed materials to build a whole range of planetary improvements. In addition, we will want to be able to improve our logistics. Better logistics means cheaper starbases and bigger fleets. And as if that wasn't enough to make this a terrific research path, industrial theory will lead us to bigger and better types of hulls.